Evelin LiddellAt my recent holiday back in Austria I caught up with a primary school friend who I hadn’t seen in close to 30 years. Elisabeth told me that a couple of years ago, she had been very sick. The doctor suspected a tumour in her pancreas. After further investigations, they found that she had huge gallstones and the specialist was going to have her on the operating table 3 days later due to the severity of her condition.

Elisabeth didn’t want to be pushed into something without thinking about it first. She chose not to take this drastic step and decided to change her eating habits instead. On top of that she did a gallbladder flush. As a mother and wife she learnt to say ‘no’ to a few things to take some stress out of her life and she went for daily walks. She had more blood tests and an ultrasound done a couple of months later and the specialist said that he was now looking at a different gallbladder. That’s how huge the changes were. And as a pleasant “side effect” she lost 10kg!

Removing gallstones generally gives relief of the symptoms, but in the long run people can be quite restricted in what they are able to eat without a gallbladder, especially when it comes to fats. I am so proud of my friend that she took things into her own hands. Her body produced those gallstones at the first place with the foods she was feeding it, so why wouldn’t her body be able to get rid of them through the foods she was now eating?

I loved hearing her story as it is such a great example how your health can be turned around drastically with some nutritional and lifestyle changes.

What will you do to turn your health around?

Evelin Liddell is a Homeopath and Fertility Specialist with over 15 years experience in the natural health field mainly working with women and children.

Evelin has great success and built an excellent reputation with infertility, hormonal problems, glandular fever and children’s health (asthma, colds, tonsillitis, ear infections, fevers, colic, behavioural problems).

Evelin also has a special interest in nutrition and is currently the only metabolic balance® coach in Queensland, Australia. Bracken Ridge Natural Therapies, www.brnt.com.au

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