My son had major learning difficulties and emotional imbalances. Danny assured me that through Kinesiology these problems could be corrected.
Danny has been a terrific help, caring and understanding. Zachery formed a bond with Danny – one of trust, friendship and respect.
Zachery is now progressing steadily in school and loves to read. Zachery’s personal and social development have advanced significantly.
I recommend Danny to any parent who is having learning or behavioural problems with their children. I can’t praise Danny and his practice enough. Thank you Danny.
Sincere Regards,
– Belinda Auld

Matthew came to Danny at the beginning of 1998. (His year 7 at primary school). He had trouble with english, comprehension and spelling. He also had trouble retaining what he had learnt. This had been happening since grade 2. Homework was a nightmare.
We had tried everything. Tutors nutrition and other natural therapies. Some would work for a while but the results were not lasting.
He needed 15 treatments. The results speak for themselves. His schoolwork improved his knowledge, and understanding of what he was learning was normal. I never help him with his homework nor have to check his work anymore.
He is now ready and confident to start secondary education and best of all he is not having any remedial help at all, which alone boosts his confidence.
We come back at the beginning of every term just to make sure he stays happy, healthy and smart.
– Cherron L
(Matthew did not play sport until straight after his treatments. He later became a state football representative)

I brought my 10 1/2-year-old daughter, Dayna, to see Bracken Ridge Natural Therapies last year after she had suffered some traumatic experiences at school.
At the time Dayna was in grade 5 with a teacher who taught from the old school using fear and intimidation tactics with the children. Due to this Dayna’s self esteem and belief in her learning capabilities fell drastically. She would often cry saying it was all too hard and come home from school most days in a tense, stressed state.
Prior to this year, Dayna had also experienced reading, spelling, some maths and long term memory recall difficulties. What she remembered 1hr after learning, she completely lost the next day. All of which just escalated in a learning environment full of fear and tension.
Dayna completed the treatment with Bracken Ridge Natural Therapies in 14 sessions. After halfway through I noticed great improvements in Dayna’s spelling, reading, maths and memory recall skills. Her whole attitude to school and learning changed and she no longer felt stressed even in a stressful environment. Due to this her self esteem in her learning capabilities rose dramatically.
I’ve realised that not only has Kinesiology improved Dayna’s schoolwork from below average to average and above but it has also helped her emotionally and psychologically.
As Dayna stated herself, “I just don’t have to think anymore, it just comes to me, I just know it.”
I truly recommend Kinesiology to anyone, child or adult. After seeing the powerful changes in Dayna, I myself have commenced with Danny and am experiencing some pretty amazing results myself.

School Reports

Year 5 Year 6
Satisfactory High Standard
Experiencing Some Difficulty Very High Standard

– Julie

“My son Michael came to Kinesiology falling approximately 18 months behind his peers in reading and writing skills. He was having difficulty with visual processing skills, organisation, retention and recall problems both auditory and visual. Michael was 7 years old and was at the bottom of his class.
Michael completed in 14 sessions – including two 6 monthly checks. He is currently in year 5 and is now functioning independently in the middle band of the class.
He has grown in confidence and his self-esteem has improved beyond recognition from the shy little seven-year-old.
I think Kinesiology is miraculous!”
– E.B, Reading Recovery Teacher

I first brought my son Ethan to Bracken Ridge Natural Therapies about 4 years ago. He was experiencing learning problems at school, having finished grade 1 unable to read and with a bank of only 6 sight words. He had been diagnosed with delayed visual memory and motor development problems.
We had undertaken occupational therapy, physiotherapy, remedial classes and tutoring none of which seemed to make any headway in correcting his problems. This was on top of having had Kawasaki’s Disease at 4 and glandular fever as a 5 year old.
We had heard of Bracken Ridge Natural Therapies through friends and decided to give him a try. Ethan did 10 sessions initially and a further 2 or 3 follow ups over the next 4 years.
He was assessed by a tutoring company at the start of his treatment with Bracken Ridge Natural Therapies. After 6 weeks he was reassessed and had gained 18 month in this short time.
Ethan is now achieving year level in almost all his school results with the few that are not at this level yet, being only just out of range. He is achieving straight 1/s in music with very little practice.
The most surprising result being obtained is in sport where Ethan is now considered a talented gymnast, having won 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze plus the over all regional championship at level 3 after 6 months in the sport. He followed that up with 6 gold in level 5 at this years regional titles and he is competing at state titles. Ethan now goes to Bracken Ridge Natural Therapies for a treatment before his major competitions.
Since being treated by Bracken Ridge Natural Therapies, Ethan has not been to any further therapy and has been given a complete medical clearance from the specialist who treated him for Kawasaki’s Disease.
– Michelle

I am writing to let you know that my son Dean has benefited greatly by the Kinesiology treatments from you.
The results are that Dean now enjoys going to school, he has found confidence in himself and his abilities and wants to read and spell.
His memory has improved and hence his school results. He has had a tutor for a while and she is very impressed and has asked for your clinic details as we both feel others may benefit from Kinesiology also.
Many thanks from dean, my husband and me.
– J. Balke