Over the last twelve months I have attended the Bracken Ridge Natural Therapies Clinic for several reasons. The major problem being acute headaches. I have suffered debilitating migraines for several years. After receiving treatment by Danny these headaches have all but disappeared and on the rare occasion they do occur, are far less severe.
I would definitely recommend Kinesiology to anyone. Also, my son has been treated for tension headaches with tremendous success.
– Lyn Anderson

I arrived at your clinic yesterday feeling like death warmed up and left ¾ hr later feeling like I had been given a new lease on life!
My family arrived that afternoon and were absolutely amazed at the transformation in me – I was definitely not the same wife that they had said good bye to that morning! In fact I was feeling so much better that we could even go out last night and celebrate my eldest son’s 14th birthday which we had not been able to do on his special day as I had been feeling so sick.
I have torn up the repeat prescription for antibiotics given by the doctor and have learnt a valuable lesson from this – all thanks to you, Danny.
I have the greatest admiration for you and marvel at your expertise and knowledge. Thank you too for your caring and gentle manner.
Your are most definitely a STAR to our family!
Thanks you from the bottom of my heart
– Monica Burns

Just writing on behalf of my wife who had a consultation for kinesiology just over 12 months ago. Edna, my wife, had severe problems with her right thigh muscle, and was suffering excruciating pain, sleepless night’s etc., but very pleased to say, that after two visits to Bracken Ridge Natural Therapies the pain instantly disappeared, and has not returned since.
My wife and I have no hesitation in recommending Bracken Ridge Natural Therapies for this wonderful treatment, most definitely fist class and full thanks are awarded. Keep up the good work.
– Fred Anson, Redcliffe

I had put up with neck pain for quite some years before I decided to do something about it. I decided to go and see a chiropractor about the pain. Well after weeks of therapy there, the neck pain was actually worse than ever and very costly.
So as I could see no results there I decided to look for other alternatives, when I came across a Kinesiology seminar that was going to be held at the library. I decided to go along to see what it was all about. I suppose at first I was a little skeptical, but decided I had nothing to lose by trying it. So I made an appointment and could not believe the time that was spent and how in depth the consultation was.
After my very first visit not only was my neck pain a lot better but my vision had also improved, as I had suffered with night blindness for many years. I was very impressed. I had three visits in total and it is now one year later and I still have had no neck pain since. I have recommended it to all my friends and only wished I had gone there a lot earlier. Thanks so much.
-Toni Dorazio

After having had four 9lb+ babies over 11 years and being only 5’1’’ I found that my lower back gave me excruciating pain within a few years of the last pregnancy. On the first occasion I could not get up out of a chair without help and could not walk without severe pain and something to hang on to. I remember once using a broom to get around, each footstep being agony.
Regular visits to a chiropractor eased the situation but the pain returned.
After visiting Danny and using Kinesiology my muscles have been strengthened to support the spine and visits are few – maybe one a year. This treatment has been amazingly beneficial to me and I am extremely grateful that the real problem of muscle strengthening was the answer – not just spine correction by a chiropractor for 3 minutes visit as against half an hour of Kinesiology.

Thank you for the excellent treatment of my daughter Clare. Her sore neck, back and legs used to bring her to tears, but after 3 treatments this pain is no more.
I would recommend Kinesiology for all, as I am undergoing this wonderful treatment for my own difficulties. Sincerely
– C. McCarthy

For more than two years I was troubled with stiffness in my hips and stiffness and pain in my outer thighs.
I had had treatments from natural therapists which had eased the stiffness and pain but it had not completely gone.
After only two Kinesiology treatments from Bracken Ridge Natural Therapies my hips and thighs are flexible and free of pain.
I have no hesitation in recommending Bracken Ridge Natural Therapies as caring and competent practitioners.
– Gilliann Coverdale

Many years ago I had to retire from work after being diagnosed with a disease called Mytonica Dystrophy. Causing my muscles to waste and making simple tasks, such as walking difficult. I was informed there was no treatment for this disease. After stumbling around for many years my physiotherapist recommended that I visit Danny.
His treatment and positive outlook has given me more mobility and a much more positive outlook for the future.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Danny and for his care and dedication to his work.
-Lawson Ramsay

A while ago my son suddenly went cross eyed for no apparent reason. As you can imagine I panicked and called my optometrist who saw my son that afternoon. He referred me to an ophthalmologist at the Wesley who was the leading guy for children.
My son was eight at the time, when I phoned his receptionist I was told I could not see him for six months, unless it was urgent. An eight year old suddenly turning cross eyed I felt was urgent. To cut a long story short I got in to see him the following week with the help of my optometrist. When we saw the ophthalmologist, I was told Daniel (my son) would need a brain scan to rule out a brain tumour, once again I freaked out.
I was seeing Bracken Ridge Natural Therapies at the time with my Daughter for some learning problems, I thought I would see if he could do anything to help. I got an appointment with Danny for the same day I saw the ophthalmologist, On arriving at Bracken Ridge Natural Therapies I, was to say the least, a mess. Within half an hour of Daniel being treated at Bracken Ridge Natural Therapies his eyes were straight, we had a couple of further treatments and that was it. The Kinesiologist fixed the muscles and found Daniel was being bullied at school, and this was the underlying reason for the eyes crossing. His eyes were suddenly back to normal.
I kept my appointment with the specialist after having the scan, to find no brain tumor, and he decided that Daniel would need surgery to “straighten his eyes”, which were now straight anyway. As you can imagine, both Daniel and I felt this would be out of the question.
It has been two years now, and although on one occasion Daniel’s eyes slightly crossed again, they were fixed again straight away. This happened again when Daniel was under stress from, you guessed it, being bullied again, he has had no major ill effects from not having had, the very major surgery of having his eyes “fixed”. His eyes are fine.
I can only sing praises for Bracken Ridge Natural Therapies, and Daniel is very impressed as well. Thank you.
– Dianne Ross.

After having many health problems for many years, including blood pressure, arthritis, back problems, asthma, severe fatigue and general feelings of unwellness, I began visiting Danny Liddell of Bracken Ridge Natural Therapies.
Following the first visit I knew I had made a good choice, as my energy level and feeling of wellbeing improved immediately. After several visits I was a new person.
Now I only visit once in a while for a check, or for a specific problem.
I can’t speak highly enough of Danny’s capabilities, professionalism and friendly manner.”
P.S. My immune system is the best it has been for many years
-Mary McGrath, Boondall

Mary’s Story of true success
You have changed my life- and it all began the day I struggled up your driveway, feeling like death. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge and I’ve reached a point in my life that I’m unable to believe. Some of the benefits include:
1. 25 kgs weight loss in the last 6 months
2. Constant feeling of well being and good spirits
3. Absolutely no digestive problems anymore
4. Have dropped one out of the three blood pressure tablets and am having at least half my readings under 120/80 so another change is being considered
5. This one blows me away. My thyroid has begun operating.
I’ve dropped 25% of my oroxine and regular testing is still going on.
6. The appalling wound on my knee (of which I enclose a photo to show you how it was) healed – with the great help of the Blue Nurses – without having to hit the operating table for a skin graft. All I have left is a pink, smooth mark on my knee measuring 8cm by 6cm. How’s that for good healing.
7. Loss of sugar addiction
8. Loss of chocolate addiction
9. Improvement in hair growth and quality
10. Need for sleep is reduced by lots to only 6-7 hours
11. Huge asthma improvement

How’s that for a list and that’s just for starters?
I began “dabbling” with those blood-groups eating print-outs. Digestion immediately improved. My youngest son Brain become interested – brought the book then one for me. At age 31, he has made the change early and I’m pleased for him. He also has lost weight and improved his health. Not one to be ever satisfied.
I now eat grains, legumes, a little fish and chicken, fruit and vegetables and nuts and seeds, according to my recommended lists from the blood group diet. I’m even about to experiment with sprouting legumes to get more food value from them.
Well how’s that for an old stick-in-the-mud who was so set in her ways. I class myself as a real convert and know that there are other ways besides medicines and doctors.
And I have you to thanks for it Danny. You opened my mind without bulling me. And of course – guess what my doctor says: “Oh! Very good. But it’s not the change in foods. These things can sometimes right themselves.”
Yes and pigs can fly too!!
Much thanks and love to you and yours,
– Mary McGrath

Thank you for being there for me for the last 2 years.
You have given me hope and have taken away physical and emotional pain from my life.
You have both gone out of your way to help me and I will never forget that, and always be grateful for it.
With friendship,
-Paul Hishon

My 8yr old A.D.D. daughter was depressed and wanted to kill herself
Our family has a lot to thank you for especially the fact that our 8 year old daughter is still with us. When we first came to visit you in September 2001, my daughter was depressed and wanted to kill herself as her life was not worth living as far as she was concerned.
When she was 5 years old and started school she was diagnosed with ADHA (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder). While we tried a multitude of things the only thing in the end that seemed to work was drugs. At 6 years she was put on the medication Dexamphetamine which made her lose heaps of weight and look very pale and sick. It did help control her behaviour and violence not completely but well. After 18 months it stopped working and at this time it was decided by all involved to try a new drug Attenta (same as Ritilin only Gluten Free). This drug made her gain excessive weight and depressed her as a side effect to the point of wanting to kill herself. She didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything and her self esteem was non-existent. She hated school to the extent of actually hurting herself so she could come home and was also extremely violent towards other people. At this time it was decided by both ourselves and doctors to withdraw her from school until she calmed down enough to work with. The medical solution was to double the Attenta, add an anti-depressant and a medication to help her sleep which was actually a blood pressure medication which has a side effect of helping them sleep. I really didn’t know what to do as she was only 8 years old. We had started to wonder how much medication she was going to need by the time she reached 10 years old and what all the side-effects were going to be.
This is when a friend suggested you and it was the best advice I have ever been given. Within a few visits she was off all drugs and fairly calm and after a few more visits she went back to school willingly. The teacher finds her a pleasure to teach and she is making friends and best of all is the fact that she enjoys life again and wants to live.
Danny I don’t know how to thank you for what you have done for our daughter. You have been able to achieve in such a short term what doctors and psychologist could not achieve together in the last 3 years and best of all you have done it without drugs so I do not have to worry about the side effects.
The only problem we are going to have with her is convincing her that she doesn’t need to see you as often. She thinks the world of you and enjoys her visits as you always make them as much fun as possible. She is a different girl to when she first saw you 2 months ago and much more pleasant to live with.
With many thanks
– Troy and Petina Taylor

I am a grandmother raising my A.D.D. grandson, being from an older generation I was very sceptical about Kinesiology, but after living with a child who was on medication which helped him function in society but made him a stressed, unhappy and sometimes sad little boy, I felt there must be a better way for this child to live a happy normal life.
After asking around I was told about Danny Liddell who helped children with problems that my grandson had.
We have had about four visits to Danny and my grandson is much happier, less stressed and is now communicating his own feelings.
We still have a long way to go but there is now light at the end of the tunnel.
I found Danny to be understanding, gentle, and patient, and my grandson, who does not trust many people has learnt that he can trust Danny,
There are only two people who this child trusts to rub his feet they are Nan and Danny Liddell.
Thank You Danny

4 Miracles
As I remember it, I had pain and problems with my periods, beginning when I was 16. I thought the problems I was having were normal and that was why most women complain so much about their periods. I discovered that this wasn’t the case, and that I was suffering from the symptoms of endometriosis. A Gynaecologist diagnosed this when I was 20. In the time leading up to this, I went to many doctors, trying every pill there was to try and keep my cycle within manageable limits. I had such severe bleeding, that on a number of occasions, I was admitted to hospital. I would have, what I thought was my period for 3 weeks, have a week ‘off’ and start all over again. This went on for such a long time. Each time I had intercourse, I would bleed, if I got anxious, I would bleed. I even tried depo provera, the ‘3 month needle’; this seemed to just make the bleeding worse. I used to just wonder how I could have that much blood in me! I had my first operation to ‘remove’ the endo on my 21st birthday. The Gynaecologist said I would have fertility problems. I was 21.
I was put on yet another dose of the pill, which seemed to be my life really. It didn’t seem like the operation had worked as I was in such constant pain and discomfort and worrying that at any time I might ‘flood’; which was always in my mind. I took anti-inflammatory tablets all day, every day, and ended up giving myself an ulcer from them constantly burning my stomach. I had so much time off work, it had begun to take over my life.
In the next 2 years I had 2 operations and changed Gynaecologists. This ‘new’ doctor was highly reputable and very confident he could ‘cure’ my endometriosis. When I quizzed him about the endo/fertility thing, he said that most women who have endometriosis have problems conceiving, I had had extensive damage and he expected I would have lots of difficulty falling pregnant. The doctor then added that he happened to be an expert in infertility. He placed me on lots of different pills, lastly suggesting a ‘special cocktail’ to help ward off the endo. I got the script filled, then thought, if I am going to have problems with my fertility, then why am I about to take all these drugs which will only accentuate that? I thought there has to be a better way. There was. It took me a while to find it… I threw the script in the bin, and went about my life without drugs. The symptoms soon retuned and again took the reins of my life, making work so hard and every day filled with so much pain. I had to stop and think if I was in pain, I guess the dull ache had become so present, I was so used to it. I was very unhappy.
Then by miracle one, I stumbled upon Danny Liddell, and there my life was turned around. I had 3 appointments with Danny and it was amazing! He told me things he had no way of knowing. There was such emotional release. He made sense; but most of all, he made a difference! So much so, on the 2nd day, I had just finished the appointment and was sitting in my car, ready to drive off. I knew something was different, I felt weird, in another world, numb or floating, or strangely high… then I realised what it was; I wasn’t in any pain!!! It was brilliant! I felt so free and wonderful! The last appointment was great, I felt so much more relaxed and so cheery! Danny told me that the problems I had been having, and I was going to have, I wouldn’t have anymore. And that’s how it was. My cycle was like clockwork. I had no pain and I felt on top of the world!
Six months later, my husband and I fell pregnant!! As we were at that stage living apart, about 600kms apart, we knew the date EXACTLY! I knew right then and there. But when I went to the doctor he told me that we had to take it from such-and-such a date, 2 weeks after the first day of my last period. I told him, no, and told him the conception date. He told me that was not possible. It had to be within a certain window. It wasn’t within any window, it was on day that was apparently not possible, with a set of ovaries which were apparently not possible. We did it, despite all the not possibles! Miracle two.
So we were pregnant. And incidentally, over the moon! I was so excited and doing all the wonderful natural things I had come to know and love. I was driving to college one day, and I was overcome with such a sharp pain in my lower abdomen, I almost ran into another car. College happened to be opposite a hospital (not the one I was attending for my ante natal care), so I went to see someone to figure out what was going on. I was twenty weeks pregnant and petrified. I waited on a bed for a very long time, and was finally seen, examined and told I was almost definitely in premature labour. The doctor told me that all I could do was to go home and try to forget about it. I asked what might happen. I was told that ‘obviously the baby wouldn’t survive’, and that if it happens its bad luck, if it doesn’t, its good luck. Those were not the most reassuring words I’d heard.
I was scared and alone, as my husband was in the throws of negotiating the move down to Brisbane. My mother immediately came down to Brisbane, and took me, with virtually NO notice to see Danny Liddell, on his day off. Danny did a couple of quick things and said that I was to stay until the pain had gone. I did. It took a few hours, but eventually, the pain just petered out, until it was gone all together. Miracle three. Danny told me that sometimes when conventional medicine doesn’t understand something, they put it down to the most probable option. He said that it was merely my stomach muscles not coping so well with this new load, and that rest would soon fix it. So off I pottered, relieved and thankful, obeying his orders, at least for a couple of weeks anyway!
Our beautiful son arrived, 5 weeks, to the day, early. Perfect and wonderful and radiating love. As he was a little early, we were told we had to wait until he reached specific weight milestones before we took him home. We were in the special care unit for 2 weeks. It was a very hard time, very emotionally draining and very stressful as our son just wasn’t putting on weight. We were so thrilled to take him home with us and live as a family all together. It was wonderful. However we were going to the specialist 3 times a week at first, then twice a week, then once a week over a period of about ten weeks, with them trying to figure out what was ‘wrong’ with our little boy. He just wasn’t putting on weight and I was under such scrutiny with my breastfeeding; the doctors would look at my chest and say that I looked like I should have some milk, then give me a bottle and say go and fill it up. If I didn’t reach a certain amount, we would be put in hospital to see what was happening. Our son had about 10 really explosive, green nappies every day. Again, I assumed this was normal, and why people complained so much about nappies!
I know I should have, as soon as I got out of hospital, gone straight to Danny, but I guess we got swept up in the appointments and the newness of it all and just did as we were told. Finally I realised where the answer lay and made an appointment to see Danny Liddell. Again, we were given an appointment, with little or no notice.
When we walked in there and introduced our son to Danny, it was an amazing moment. I told Danny that our baby was 5 weeks premature, and he said I did well to hold on that long; I didn’t know what was going on, I’d been told it was my stomach muscles… Danny smiled and said, how was I meant to relax if I’d known what was really going on?! I just couldn’t believe it! He really had stopped my premature labour – it was then we truly realised what an amazing healer Danny Liddell is. So for his next trick, he asked if our little boy had been tube fed in hospital, which we confirmed, then he preceded to rattle off the symptoms our son had been displaying, well before we had a chance to tell him!! He balanced our baby, and sent over to Canada for some wonderful remedy. We got home, and our son slept for five whole hours straight! He had never done that before!
Soon afterwards, the remedy arrived for our baby, and we had moved back out to the country and were living with my husband’s parents as our house was having extensions built. My father in law is a little bit sceptical about natural therapies and medicines. He had seen our son before the remedy, and was amazed at the difference after it. Our baby stopped his cries of pain, and slept! His dirty nappy rate was cut by about 60%, and they were a nice yellow colour (I know you may think there is no such thing as a nice nappy colour, but to us it was like gold! Literally!), non-explosive, and his belly no longer gurgled. It was just bliss. Miracle four.
We have rich lives, I look around me, right now, and I can see every way in which we are blessed. I am so humbled to think that we deserve this. I know we do, we all do. But I am go truly grateful for the works of Danny Liddell, he really has changed our lives, and been such a large contributor for our completeness. We were told I would have to be on a major fertility program to fall pregnant, Danny proved that wrong. We were told with my premature labour nothing could be done, Danny proved that wrong. We were told that nothing could be done about our son’s digestive problems, Danny proved that wrong. And what he has proved right for us, is that kinesiology is a way to complete health. I believe that truly. I don’t care weather it’s psychological, physiological or anythingelseological! I believe in kinesiology and Danny Liddell, and I praise them both with every cell in my body and every bit of my soul.
-Laura C