Our practitioners are leaders in their fields and are experts in the following areas. Phone and ask us who is the best for you.

Bowen Therapy
Tutoring (Specialised)


Learning difficulties
Autism & Aspergers
Behavioural problems
Female Fertility (guaranteed success)
Morning sickness
Fine and gross motor skills
Depression & Anxiety
Pregnancy related problems
Hormonal problems
Infant Health
Child & teen health
Eye problems
Vision & sight problems
Structural experts
Whiplash, neck and head injuries
Joint and muscle pain
Sports injury and performance
Pain management
Injury recovery
Weight loss
Nutrition & Diet
Nutritional Analysis
Allergies and sensitivities
Environmental sensitivities
Emotional Trauma
Underlying emotions
Phobias & Fears
and much, much more


  • Self help workshops
  • Professional courses
  • Top quality supplements
  • Natural environment and sensitivity friendly