There are many supplements on the market but unfortunately we have found some are not very effective. The supplements we sell have shown, in our clinic, to be highly beneficial to most people.

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Homeopathic First Aid Kits: Every family should have one.

Consisting of 25 remedies this kit is safe to use and comes with a quick reference book written by Evelin Liddell, a Homeopath with 15 years of experience as a natural health practitioner.

We recommended purchasers take the 5 hour Homeopathy At Home course.

Self Esteem CD: A must for every child!

The brilliant songs of Annie Infante. Annie specialises in positive affirmations for kids. Her songs are catchy and the kids (and you) will sing along repeating the positive words over and over again. 

These catchy tunes are full of words like “I’m as special as I can be.” Watch them grow in confidence and self esteem with ease and happiness. 

Charts We sell a variety of health related charts and most Kinesiology charts.