Neural Organization Therapy

Danny Liddell



The philosophy and guiding principle of N.O.T., on a scientific level, is that in order to understand how our basic physiological functions work today, we must look at our primitive origins. We were created to exist and survive in a hostile environment. Therefore, essentially everything we need for survival, with the exception of food, air and water, must be found within the body itself. It is a self healing, self regulating, self perpetuating (replacing its on tissue) mechanism. These mechanisms, by their own nature, must be integrated and fully automatic from the very beginning of life. Physical or emotional trauma and poor diet can disturb these automatic functions. N.O.T. has been found to be a key to understanding many of these relationships.

In short, N.O.T. provides specific protocols to reprogram and reset neurology of the body’s primal survival systems that control the nervous system that has been sent into a disorganised state. When neurology is disorganised, messages going to and from the brain are confused causing incorrect responses. In this state the body can not respond appropriately causing learning difficulties, ADHD, pain illness and the list goes on.

Many of the techniques used in N.O.T. are taught in other Kinesiology modalities. Dr Carl Ferreri discovered that combinations of these techniques when used in a specific order fixed common disorganised primal survival neurological patterns. By making many of the basic corrections, typically found in these patterns, N.O.T. quickly reorganises the neurology of the primal survival systems.

Together with various other techniques, new to Kinesiologists, N.O.T. has become renowned for its successful treatment with problems such as Learning Difficulties, ADHD, digestive problems, scoliosis, pain, bed wetting, cranial injuries, hormonal and endocrine problems, whiplash, blood sugar plus joint and other pain issues.


N.O.T. is accredited by the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists (AIK)

Dr Reza Samuat DC, a Chiropractic N.O.T. instructor and author wrote his thesis on N.O.T. . Dr Samuat states, “N.O.T. has a neurological grounding and has nothing to do with spirituality.” It should therefore be taught with that in mind.

Trevor Savage ND was one of the first Kinesiologists in Australia and is the most experienced N.O.T. practitioner and lecturer. Trevor was one of Danny’s first lecturers and one of the reasons he has been so successful for so many years.

Danny Liddell is a Senior Faculty Member of the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice, an award winning health practitioner and is one of Qld’s leading Kinesiologists. The 3 main Kinesiology modality Danny uses in his successful practice are PKP, N.O.T. and Hyperton-X. Danny has 17 years experience as a Kinesiologist most of which he has gained valuable knowledge and experience using N.O.T.

Once students complete a course with Danny he makes himself available as a mentor to them in the field they have studied. His experience provides excellent backup to his students.

N.O.T Course Structure

Module 1 consists of 24 hours and provides the in depth theory needed to understand what you are doing so that you get the most out of this advanced therapy. N.O.T. is an advanced course and should be respected for that by those that use it.

Module 2 provides 50 hours of theory, demonstration and student practice.

Module 3 teaches students 60 hours of advanced techniques for specialised problems and issues.

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Module 1 Module 2 Module 3
3 days 5 days 6 days
May 12, 2017
6:30 pm to 9:30pm
– –
May 13 + 14, 2017
9am to 6pm
May 15 – 19, 2017
9am to 6pm
November 8 – 15 2017
(1 day off in the middle)
9am to 6pm
$700 $1500 $1850

*STC – Subject To Change
Venue: 8/10 Prosperity Place Geebung, QLD