michaelA Kinesiologist for more than 14 years, Michael has been with BRNT for 8 years. Michael is an important part of our team. Like all the staff chosen by BRNT and having completed a number of advanced Kinesiology courses Michael is an excellent practitioner specially chosen by Danny. Michael is a Certified Kinesiologist, graduating from the Australian College of Natural Medicine before retraining with Kinesiology Schools Australia. Having completed a number of advanced courses Michael is a very knowledgeable and experienced Kinesiologist. Specialising in nutrition, digestion, neck, back and shoulder pain, learning difficulties, posture, children, weight loss and general health and wellbeing. Michael also works closely with Bryan Smith assisting with co-testing for the optimum lens prescription that best suits the clients needs for good spatial awareness, balance and brain integration.


Michael is available in clinic on Mondays 8am – 6pm and Thursdays 1pm – 9pm.