Lisa Beyer – Kinesiologist



Lisa is a graduate of Australia’s No.1 Kinesiology College, Kinesiology Schools Australia, and has been personally mentored by award winning Kinesiologist, Danny Liddell.

Adding to her advanced knowledge and skills, Lisa has undertaken further study in the areas of Autism/ Asperger’s, counselling, coaching, nutrition, GAPS diet, Paleo AIP, Australian Bush Flower Essences and subtle energy. Lisa also holds a Diploma of Business Management, a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and is a professional member of the Australian Institute of Kinesiology.

Lisa’s training provides a very solid foundation allowing her to effectively help and assist a diverse group of people in all kinds of emotional and physical pain. Although Lisa has excellent results with many health issues she is a specialist in the following key areas of health and wellbeing:

* Assisting people of all ages with special needs and developing effective ways to support their family;
* Emotional health and being in the best frame of mind no matter what life sends your way;
* Supporting you and your family managing life’s changes, big and small;
* Optimal digestive health, including that all important gut brain connection;
* Assisting Kinesiology students and health practitioners achieve their personal and professional goals.

As a supervisor and assessor at Kinesiology Schools Australia’s Brisbane campus student clinic, Lisa is also an important part in the education of Kinesiology Students.

If you or a family member would like help with any of the above mentioned then phone now and book an appointment with Lisa. We are confident you will be glad you made the call. Remember things won’t change unless you do something about them. So pick up the phone and call now.

Lisa is available on Monday 9am-2pm, Friday 9am-2pm and Saturday 10am-5pm