Since the mid 1990’s Bracken Ridge Natural Therapies has been a leader in helping children with Learning Difficulties and various Attention Disorders Disorders such as ADHD and Aspergers.

The practitioners at Bracken Ridge Natural Therapies are not content to just teach children some methods or learning strategies to help them pass their exams. Our experienced practitioners use drug free advanced techniques to correct the cause not just hide or cope with the problem.

Do these techniques work?

Quite simply the answer is yes. Often with in a few consultations the child will learn and remember better than their parents. Children that can’t sit still will be calm and focused. The children’s self-esteem flourishes and the child looks forward to a new and improved happiness and quality of life. *Every child is an individual case and is treated individually. Outcomes vary from one child to the next but the improvement percentage is high.






Learning Difficulties, Attention Disorders and Behavioral Problems have many underlying similarities. Many areas are involved in the process of successfully restoring or ‘turning on’ the ability to learn and perform in society.

Functions of the brain such as visual and auditory processing, Wernicke’s and Broca’s areas, the pathways that connect them for communication, the limbic system, hippocampus, amygdala and many others are evaluated and corrected. When these functions and pathways are compromised they shut down restricting the performance and ability of the individual. This could be like driving on a 10 lane freeway during peak hour with all the lanes closed, except for one or two, waiting for repair. Although there is a lot of traffic not much is processed.

Another area treated is the neurological disorganization (switching) or short circuiting causing confusion of the messages. This may be compared to listening to a song on the radio when suddenly another station overrides the initial song. At first you can listen to the song (or the teacher) with intense concentration but eventually the brain switches off. Quite simply some or many messages are not going the correct destination. This is a major factor in Attention Disorders.

Once the involved areas are identified they can be corrected using advanced kinesiology techniques.

Another main problems is a very important bone called the sphenoid bone which is located just behind the eyes and has most of the other cranial bones and 10 out of the 12 eye muscles attached to it. If this bone is not sitting correctly, the tension of the eye muscles will be uneven making it difficult to activate effective visual processing.

A jammed sphenoid also interferes with the flow of cerebral spinal fluid which provides the brain with its nutrients. Many other problems may be involved if this bone is not sitting correctly. Often this occurs during the birthing process or a head injury such as a fall or a car accident. The sphenoid is often a big factor in poor spelling and memory problems.

Food Sensitivities, Allergies and other Environmental Factors are also identified and dealt with. Foods such as MSG are well known for a variety of effects they cause, but other so called healthy foods may be causing neurological stress to an individual. Our experienced Kinesiology practitioners will test a variety of foods and substances to identify if they are interfering with the child’s health and or their learning.

Repetitive failure while attempting to read, write, spell, do maths, etc eventually leads the person to lose self esteem and the desire to learn. If it is always hard to do something then it is easier if they don’t try it anymore, or they ignore it. If hitting your head against the wall hurts then you would stop doing it (I hope). Once they have the ability to perform the tasks required in a classroom and in life then desire then needs to be restored. There are many other emotional triggers that turn off the brain. This is an important phase of the process.

Once a child can learn easily it is often like leading a duck to water and they flourish from then on. With some children there is another process that must be undertaken. They may need to catch up on the many basics that they missed when they had their problems. Specialised tutoring may be required. Bronwyn Kennedy is a Kinesiology practitioner at Bracken Ridge Natural Therapies and is also a qualified teacher who has undertaken specialised training that combines Kinesiology and tutoring. The benefit of this includes Bronwyn balancing the child any time there is an area of concern.


This program usually requires 5-20 one hour treatments. This depends on each individual, some people require less while others may require more.

However some people only need the sphenoid bone corrected. This only requires 2-3 treatments.


Learning, just like building a house, needs solid foundations. With this in mind, we start from the basics and build a solid structure for input, processing, storage and retrieval.

The methods used to perform this are advanced Kinesiology techniques including acupressure, neuromuscular massage, specific kinaesthetic movements, emotional stress release holding points, light manipulation, nutrition and counselling.


I brought my 10 1/2 year old daughter, Dayna, to see Danny last year after she had suffered some traumatic experiences at school.

At the time Dayna was in grade 5 with a teacher who taught from the old school using fear and intimidation tactics with the children. Due to this Dayna’s self esteem and belief in her learning capabilities fell drastically. She would often cry saying it was all too hard and come home from school most days in a tense, stressed state.

Prior to this year, Dayna had also experienced reading, spelling, some maths and long term memory recall difficulties. What she remembered 1hr after learning, she completely lost the next day. All of which just escalated in a learning environment full of fear and tension.

Dayna completed the L.E.A.P. program with Danny in 14 sessions. After halfway through I noticed great improvements in Dayna’s spelling, reading, maths and memory recall skills. Her whole attitude to school and learning changed and she no longer felt stressed even in a stressful environment. Due to this her self esteem in her learning capabilities rose dramatically.

I’ve realised that not only has L.E.A.P. improved Dayna’s school work from below average to average and above but it has also helped her emotionally and psychologically.

As Dayna stated herself, “I just don’t have to think anymore, it just comes to me, I just know it.”

I truly recommend L.E.A.P. to anyone, child or adult. After seeing the powerful changes in Dayna, I myself have commenced L.E.A.P. with Danny and am experiencing some pretty amazing results myself.

– Julie K.