• Are you hearing conflicting information in the media about what foods are healthy?
      • Is dairy good for you?
      • Is salt bad for you?
      • Is cholesterol bad?
      • What fats are healthy?
      • What foods affect your hormones?
      • Why are the kids always sick?
      • Is bread good for you?
      • Is meat healthy?
      • Are foods affecting your child’s behaviour?
      • Are you confused about food labels?

Fantastic! It reinforced much of what I have been reading outside ‘mainstream’ channels, which is nice. The clarity and science is compelling and inspiring to make changes. (Jamie W)

At this interactive course you will learn:

  • The real truth about what foods are healthy
  • What foods to avoid
  • Discover how a healthy lifestyle will help heal your body and mind
  • How to keep your immune system strong
  • Discover the “3 Nasties”
  • How you can lead a healthy lifestyle without being fanatical
  • How to read food labels at the supermarket
  • What foods never to touch
  • How to keep your environment healthy
  • The effect of personal care products on your health
  • Recipe book

  Who should attend?

  • Anyone who wants to lead a healthy life
  • Anyone who has children and wants to be a good role model
  • Anyone interested in health
  • Anyone who wants to prevent disease


    Sat 17 Oct, 9am – 2pm

 Cost: $89, if you book in for Homeopathy for the Family, which is held on the same day, Path to Perfect Health only costs $49

I thoroughly enjoyed this very informative workshop. There was a lot of information to take on board – I highly recommend this course. I hope I can put this knowledge to good use! (Katrina O)
Great to hear information that affirms our previous learning, but even better to get a bit of the science and rationale behind it. Helps me stand by my personal choices and achieves more understanding when sharing the knowledge with others (family/friends). (Amy)