It is advertised as a healthy breakfast option for kids, including ingredients such as hazelnuts, cocoa and a glass of skim milk. You guessed it, it is Nutella. These ingredients don’t sound too bad, right? What they forget to tell you on the ads is that it also includes sugar. How much sugar? You’ll be surprised.

Toast with tim tam

Would you let your kids have a couple of Tim Tams for breakfast? Probably not. But that’s exactly the amount of sugar they are getting in 2 tablespoons of Nutella, 2 TIM TAMS! Tomorrow morning when your kids have Nutella, imagine them eating a slice of toast with 2 Tim Tams on it. Maybe you’ll think twice about buying it next time.

Evelin work May 10

Evelin Liddell is a Homeopath and Fertility Specialist with over 15 years experience in the natural health field mainly working with women and children.

Evelin has great success and built an excellent reputation with infertility, hormonal problems, glandular fever and children’s health (asthma, colds, tonsillitis, ear infections, fevers, colic, behavioural problems).

Evelin also has a special interest in nutrition and is currently the only metabolic balance® coach in Queensland, Australia. Bracken Ridge Natural Therapies,

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