The author of How Kinesiology Works and one of Qlds leading practitioners for 20 years specialising in learning difficulties, migraines, pain and injury recovery. Danny is the CEO of Kinesiology Schools Australia, head lecturer at the Brisbane campus and runs a multi award winning clinic.

Learning his trade under some of the biggest names in Kinesiology, Danny Liddell has has built an astounding reputation for helping sportspeople with injury prevention and recovery, people with pain and especially children with learning difficulties and migraines.

Danny has taught at most of the major health colleges in Brisbane including Endeavour College, Aust Institute of Applied Sciences and Kinesiology Schools Australia teaching Tough For Health, the Professional Kinesiology Program, Hyperton-X and the Neural Organisational Therapy.

As well as being a Senior Faculty Member of ICPKP, Danny is the author of How Kinesiology Works and has also been the CEO of Kinesiology Schools Australia since 2002.

danny in action

On an astonishing nine occasions Danny’s clinic, Bracken Ridge Natural Therapies, has been voted the best business in health by a leading newspaper.

See also how Danny has helped with learning difficulties in children.

Danny is available in clinic on Tuesdays 9am – 9pm and Fridays 8am – 1pm


howbooksml The long awaited guide to Kinesiology by Danny Liddell is nearly here, the book is currently going through the final stages of editing and should be available for purchase by the end of the year!

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“Danny’s book is a great introduction to Kinesiology and it really makes you want to either become a practitioner or experience it to improve your life! It’s a great contribution to the field.Well done Danny!”
– Gaye O’Brien, Best Selling Author, Inspirational Speaker, NLP Trainer & Leadership Coach