Our courses cover a variety of interests with short courses for mum, dad and the sports coach to weekend courses (check Schedules) and even professional courses for those wanting to enjoy the emotional and financial… rewards of a health practitioner.

Neural Organisation Therapy (3 Module Advanced Course)

N.O.T is one of the most advanced Kinesiology therapies available. Under the guidance of Trevor Savage and Danny Liddell, practioners will gain valuable techniques and knowledge that will help take your practice to a professional level and provide the skills for success.  read more

Sports Kinesiology (Hyperton-X) (weekend)

for flexibility, pain, sensitivities and learning. Hyperton-X (HT-X) is a high quality course that many experienced massage therapists attend to help improve the quality of their work. This is designed for mums and dads but is good enough for experienced practitioners. A must for everyone.  read more

Sight Improvement (Perceptive Vision): (3hrs)

This is a course to improve your eye sight. The purpose of this workshop is to look at various methods which have been successful for many people wishing to see … read more

FaST (Food and Supplement Testing): (3hrs)

Some foods and drinks are good for some people but might not be good for you. Learn how you can find out.  read more

Professional Courses – for those wanting an exciting career in Natural Health.
ksa Kinesiology Practitioner Level 1 (KPL1) – KPL1 provides a well rounded and practical Kinesiology training that allows you to be recognised by Kinesiology Associations and become a registered Level 1 Kinesiology Practitioner.
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ksa Diploma in Kinesiology HLT52415 – Our Diploma graduates are high quality practitioners with many advanced techniques. Clients of Diploma graduates can claim health fund rebates, (Austudy Approved).
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logo Advanced training Post graduate & CPE. These units are for existing practitioners only.
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